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Dear Friends, we are please to inform of the introduction of “Best Price Offer” on our site. Despite our efforts to always offer you the best prices - considering the large number of, competitive to ours, websites - this is not always realizable. That is why we introduced “Best Price Offer”, by which we leave it to you to decide, respectively indicate, whether our prices are indeed the best. Here is how it works: If you find a website in which the price of a product that interests you is lower than our price, you can indicate the link to the specific product page from the competitive to our website, and as long as the transportation expenses, between our website and the competitive such, are comparable - we will give you a price that is 5% better than the price of our competitor. The competitive price, which you will indicate in your shopping cart, should be in the currency valid for the respective language version in which you are registered – when a recalculation (from one currency to another) is necessary, please use a current (to the day of your inquiry) exchange rate. When we process your inquiry we will verify the validity / actuality of the suggested web-link and price and we will either give you the better price or will indicate (in the field “Offer Status” in your Shopping Cart) the reason why we could not give you the lower price.

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