Dear Customers, due to the specificity of the products we offer, as well as aiming for a better service, our online store is somewhat different from the online stores you are used to. As you will read below, to the standard set up / scheme for web-based shopping we have added an extra step (Step 2 below), which lets you submit a nonbinding, preliminary inquiry aiming to clarify for the customer the stock availability of the particular product(s). Although our stores allow us to hold comparatively large quantities of our range in stock, as well to receive frequent deliveries from our suppliers, due to the large stock turnover it is possible that you choose a product, which at the moment of your inquiry is out of stock. We sincerely hope that with this addition to the usual, online shopping set up we will be able to serve you better!
Steps of Shopping at
  Choose the products you are interested in.
  Make a preliminary, NONBINDING inquiry, from your shopping cart. We will afterwards process your inquiry, by updating the status of the ‘Availability’ column in your shopping cart, for each of the products you have inquired about (for that you will be notified via email). When you inquire about a product that we do not have in stock, in the ‘Note’ column we will suggest a product in stock, when such is available, which we believe may meet your needs.**
  Delete from your shopping cart the products for which the delivery period / availability status is unsatisfactory, and mark the products you would like to purchase.*
  Choose a shipping method. Indicate your delivery address. You may see the transportation costs and the approximate delivery periods (for goods that we have in stock) please click here. Fill out Pay Pal’s online payment form or Bank Transfer.
  After receipt of your final order/purchase, we will send you an email with the approximate delivery period.
* When you order (step 3) items, part of which are out of stock at the time of the order, we will send you your order only when we have in stock all of the ordered products.

** You may repeat steps 1 and 2 until you come across a product, whose status (from a stock-wise standpoint) meets you requirements.

*** The indicated delivery times, for the out of stock products, apply only if you decide to place you order for / purchase the product in question. That does not exclude the possibility, however, of us replenishing our stock with the relevant article(s) sooner and / or later even if the product(s) was/were not ordered.

Should you have any doubts and/or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Reclamations are reviewed/treated on a case by case basis / individually. In the occasion that a client orders a pair of shoes which, after they receive the pair, do not fit him/her the client has the right to return the shoes (as long as they have not been damaged) and we will send them another size of the model. All transportation expenses related to the return of the shoes as well as the shipment of the new pair are at the expense of the customer.

Best Price Offer

Despite our efforts to always offer you the best prices - considering the large number of, competitive to ours, websites - this is not always realizable. That is why we introduced “Best Price Offer”, by which we leave it to you to decide, respectively indicate, whether our prices are indeed the best. Here is how it works: If you find a website in which the price of a product that interests you is lower than our price, you can indicate the link to the specific product page from the competitive to our website, and as long as the transportation expenses, between our website and the competitive such, are comparable - we will give you a price that is 5% better than the price of our competitor.

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