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Personal Data Protection



General information

Company with name TEMIRA LTD (owner of Aita chain stores) is responsible for processing the personal data of the visitor/registered user and controls the processing of their data on the web pages of its e-shop -

For the processing of your data, as described below, TEMIRA LTD refers to the following legal grounds:

Execution of order: In order the visitor/customer to be able to execute their orders on, it is necessary to process the personal data which he/she provides upon their registration and the registration of their order.

Legal interests: The processing of personal data is necessary for improving the services of TEMIRA LTD (processing of statistical data and data which cannot be identified), for establishing fraud attempts and for protecting the legal interests of TEMIRA LTD.

Consent: The registered users should state their explicit consent for the following processing purposes: sending information / promotional messages and, based only on automated processing, analysis of their customer behaviour (profiles).


Improving our services


Our goal is to always offer the best when shopping online. In order to make the visits of our customers to our website as functional as possible, we use the so called “cookies”. Сооkіеѕ are small text files with information which are saved in your Internet browser (used language, connection time, visited websites) or hard disk upon website visit. We use two types of cookies: necessary and functional.

The necessary cookies ensure the functioning of the website providing the users with an option to access their account on the website and to process the orders made.

The functional cookies allow the user preferences to be saved and show the user behaviour on the website.

The customer can set their Internet browser not to save cookies or to delete the already saved ones. If you wish to make use of this option, you could contact the Internet browser developer. For more information, go to


Informing, processing and processing purposes


TEMIRA LTD informs the visitor/registered user and the visitor/registered user confirms that they have been informed about the following:

1). Processing of personal data – TEMIRA LTD will process the personal data of a registered user-customer as they were stated by them upon creating their account and the order in the registration form in order to execute the specific order via our online store. In addition, if a visitor/user has given their consent, TEMIRA LTD will be able to process personal data for sending commercial information and promotional messages and/or for creating a user account of the user-customer and for improving the clientele management and the work of the e-shop of

2). Online orders, types of personal data and processing purposes:

А) Basic processing:

The user/customer is able to make an online order and to declare their data as registered user of the e-shop – the customer/user has created a user account on our online store and their personal data will be stored in the company records until they request them to be deleted. The user/customer may at any time change or correct their data by logging into their account on with their user name and password.

For executing each transaction via the e-shop of TEMIRA LTD ( and for executing orders of the company products, the name and surname, address for delivery of the products, contact phone number, e-mail of the customer are required.

The purposes of data processing are the execution of the specific order, the communication with the user/customer and the sending of information messages related to the stage of the order execution, the providing of further details about the order and information about the purchases made in general, the delivery of the order at a place specified by the user/customer, the confirmation and identification of the user/customer in case it is necessary and the informing about availability of the product on The registered user is informed that the provision of the above specified mandatory personal data as well as the data about their transactions is a necessary condition and prerequisite for the proper execution of the order contract and the delivery of the products and services. Due to this reason, the consent of the user-customer for this particular processing is not required.

Each user customer who uses, is informed that the personal data related to accepting, executing and delivering the order, as well as questions related to purchasing products from TEMIRA LTD and the orders on, are subject to processing for the purpose of providing services to the user/customers both by the employees of TEMIRA LTD and by third parties contractors upon processing on their behalf within the execution of the order. Third party – receivers are transport companies and companies for individual or collective supplies. TEMIRA LTD requires from its employees supporting their website and from the partners to take all necessary technical and organizational measures (including appropriate policies and procedures for preventing the disclosure of the personal data of the visitors/registered users-customers which they process, to have and implement procedures for personal data management and processing using a method which complies with the law under the General Data Protection Regulation).

B) Processing which requires consent:

a) In order commercial information and promotional messages to be sent to the registered user-customer from TEMIRA LTD and, the registered user/customer has to provide their explicit consent in advance.

The purpose for processing the data of the registered user-customer is to send commercial and promotional messages from TEMIRA LTD to the registered visitor-customer, to provide special promotions and discounts on You can anytime withdraw the given consent and request not to receive such messages from by sending your request via e-mail to

b) TEMIRA LTD also informs its registered user/customer that it may process their personal data and conduct researches in order to improve its services for registered users/customers. As a part of this process, TEMIRA LTD is able to consider its needs and to take the necessary steps for making its products and services more popular in order to improve the management of its clientele and to promote its products. In order the registered users/customers to be able to receive personalized offers and information based on the purchases carried out on the online store of the company, they should give their consent for analysis of their user behaviour (profiling), which is exclusively done using automated processing and more specifically the following data received from the transactions/behaviour of the user/customer on related to products purchased by them; frequency of visits; products which they have put in the cart; demographic data which they have declared; history of the orders.

The purpose of this process is to optimize the market experience of the registered users-customers, their encouraging in conformity with the needs of the customer of TEMIRA LTD, the receiving by the registered users-customers of personalized offers and information directly affecting them as well as an invitation for participation, with or without reward, in researches for forming the website TEMIRA LTD, for assessing the trends of the market and of the products and services based on the purchases they have made.

3). Data receivers:

For the data necessary for servicing any of the above specified processing purposes and within the competences of each receiver, the receivers of data of the registered customer-user are or may be:

а) Competent employees of TEMIRA LTD

b) Tax and bank authorities in case of an audit

c) External collaborators which provide internet services, orders storage and management, call center services, courier services or group product delivery, services of establishing products and analysis of purchase data, to whom under strict restrictions and procedures the data necessary for fulfilling their obligation is transferred.

4). Rights of the data subject:

Each registered user may anytime exercise their rights provided for in the General Data protection Regulation 679/2016. and in particular art. 12-23 of it and in the national legislation, in particular – the right of information and access to data processed by TEMIRA LTD; the right of restricting the processing of their data; the right of correcting or deleting a part or all (right to be forgotten) personal data; the right to object, i.e. to oppose to the processing of their personal data as well as the right to portability of their data. The exercising of the above specified rights can be done by submitting a request to e-mail

In case any of the above specified rights of the registered user-customer is exercised, TEMIRA LTD will take all possible measures to satisfy the request within one (1) month from the date it is submitted. In this case, the registered user-customer is informed that the necessary minimum of their personal data will be kept in order to protect the company legal interests.

5). Period of personal data storage:

The recorded data of the registered user-customer will be retained and processed until the registered customer requests them to be deleted from their account or for each data processing based on their consent – until they state their wish to withdraw their consent for the purposes of providing services of TEMIRA LTD. Nevertheless, some necessary personal data related to their relationships with TEMIRA LTD as well as the information, their consent and withdrawal for the processing of their data will remain as information about the registered user-customer with a view to ensuring evidence for lawfulness of the processing of their data by TEMIRA LTD and for defense in case of any legal claims of the parties.

6). Special data category:

The registered user-customer is informed that TEMIRA LTD does not collect and require disclosure of sensitive personal data (special category data) for the purposes of

TEMIRA LTD declares that no other use of personal data of the visitor/registered user shall be done for purposes other than the ones specified in these rules without their prior notice and in case it might be necessary – their consent.