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Pricing and availability


All prices include value added tax (VAT).

All shipments are processed from the EU and depending on the delivery address additional charges (i.e. customs duties) may apply - in the event that such are imposed the payment of said charges would be the sole responsibility of the customer.

The indicated prices do not include transport costs - these are calculated based on the weight of the goods and are visible in your cart at checkout.

Due to the differences in the provided service, the prices listed on our website differ from the prices in our retail stores.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Any such changes in pricing, however, will not apply to products from already confirmed orders.

The specified delivery times of goods - which at the time of your order are not in stock (and respectively need to be sourced from the manufacturer of said goods) - are only approximative and a result of previous experience we have with the respective manufacturer. With this in mind, please note that delays caused by events beyond our control are possible. Despite our very best intentions to process your order as swiftly as possible, circumstances that we have little or no control over could lead to increased delivery times.

Orders - general provisions and its affiliates, partners and subcontractors are not responsible for undelivered orders or other defaults due to incorrect, inaccurate, outdated and / or incomplete user data and any thus caused reshipment of goods will be at the expense of the customer.

The user expresses her/his will to agree to the general conditions by ticking the box "I agree with the terms and conditions" and then pressing the button to confirm her/his registration. By marking the box "I agree with the terms and conditions" the user makes an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act, which declares that she or he is familiar with the general conditions and accepts them in full.

Each product on the website is presented with information about the price of the product, its main characteristics as well as with additional information aimed at supporting the informed choice of consumers when confirming a purchase. The supplier/website is not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of the goods, which do not relate to the main characteristics (color, size, etc.) of said goods and does not have any claim regarding the completeness of the information provided.

In view of the complexity of dance shoes size fitting and the consequent challenges in choosing the correct size, size guides are to be used only as general guidelines - as opposed to precise conversion tables - intended to assist customers with their selection. The customer understands and agrees that - while we would be happy to assist them with an advise relating to the sizing of the style of their choice - the responsibility for selecting the final size falls upon the customer and we cannot be held accountable for any difficulties or expenses incurred as a result of an incorrect size selection by the customer.

Our contract


The contract between us will be considered concluded only after a confirmation of dispatch - of the goods pertaining to the order in question - has been emailed to you.

You can read our policy on Returns & Refunds here. Please also note that your acceptance of the terms and conditions on this page constitutes a formal acceptance of said policy as well.

To cancel an order, you simply need to inform us of your decision to do so. The easiest way to do this is by sending an email to Once we receive your request, we will respond to confirm its receipt along with the respective cancellation of your order.